Unlock your full potential on the diamond. Train with us and elevate your game to new heights.


Our individual training sessions cost $75 per hour, with pricing varying depending on the location. We also offer package discounts for purchasing multiple lessons at once.


Group lessons are priced at $40 per hour per participant, making it a cost-effective option for players who want to share expenses while benefiting from observing others and receiving feedback.


We provide specialized training tailored for elite-level players or focusing on specific hitting techniques. Prices for specialized coaching may vary and start at $100 per hour.

Individual sessions for specialized coaching are available: in fielding skills, including grounders, fly balls, and throwing mechanics. We also offer specialized fielding training for outfielders, and infielders as well. Inquire about any additional fees or requirements before signing up for lessons, as prices may vary based on location and available facilities.

Additional Costs:

– Facilities such as indoor batting cages may incur extra charges.

– Travel expenses may apply if the coach is located far from the player’s home.

"We're dedicated to refining every aspect of your play, because greatness lies in the details. Elevate your game with us."